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Special offers

1.    We are able to produce a new assembly groups or body replicas of KdF- 82 Kübelwagen for You.

The option A

The price will be negotiated and depends on the parts installed

    A typical complete body: (4 doors with locks and handles, 2 lids [engine & baggage], the front & rear seats, windscreen with glass, the fuel tank, the side window inserts set, folding roof frame with canvas top, all upholstery for seats, the rifle and MG holders (ref. no 349 and 315 in our parts list), the left (driver's rear vision mirror and holder, the red swinging cat-eye reflector,  the fitted wiring loom, front and rear Hella lights, front and rear Noteks (identical series made for Czech Army after the war). The body model is styled on 1943-1944 year, but not with the rear Sahara inlet scoop; the tank filler has a large filler-neck; the double frame for the windscreen; the removable rear cross-member behind the engine; rear "bumper" pipe with the chequered "step". Clients need to decide on the style of the metal instrument panel: the oval Schaltbrett we supply only as the plain pressing. The rectangular instrument panel choice (a surcharge 10 000 CZK ) secures all the instruments incl. the speedometer; the rectangular dash is fully integrated into the wiring loom, ready for your battery… If traffic indicators are required, please indicate your placing of them, so we can lay the wiring for this. One may order, as optional extra, the search-light with holder (no. 395 & 322), or the working car-jack no. 378, or perhaps the canvas windscreen cover no. 505. The body will be sprayed in a quality two-pack light gray epoxy foundation, while the panel joints are puttied over.

    This body can be had with an original KdF refurbished frame with new floor-panels. The chassis: An original KdF chassis, new floors, and checked-over (or replaced) brake cable tubes. The fuel line is always new. 

The chassis: An original KdF chassis, new floors, and checked-over (or replaced) brake cable tubes. The fuel line is always new. A refurbished front axle with new king- and link-pin bushes, wheel-bearings and seals, and new ball-joints on the tie-rods. (We would recommend a new post-war steering box. The originals are all worn-out, and their refurbishment cannot be fully guaranteed; if you insist on an original KdF steering box, we can negotiate this.) The transaxle: All new bearings, re-setting the lockable ZF differential; if the hemispherical faces of the gearbox sides need re-surfacing, we re-surface these on a special giant lathe; the later VW nylon shims can be incorporated between the outer tubes of the rear half-axles. The brakes: we are very experienced to bring the brakes to the as-new condition; besides this, you get four new brake cables and all brake shoes.

2.    We are able to produce a new body of KdF- 166 Schwimmwagen (replica).

   The price will be negotiated.

 The steel tub includes the engine lid, without parts and accessories which are bolted on. This involves the best practice: sides and internal partitions each pressed from one piece.