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Catalogue and prices

    At the bottom of this side there are links to our parts and accessories catalogs for each type. The items there are mentioned with actual prices in CZK ( czech koruna ) and EXCL. of VAT 21%. The VAT will be not applicable when delivering to non-EU countries.

The actual exchange rate of your currency You may find herein...

It is a hard way to compile a catalogue in accordance of some subassemblies. For this reason You will find all the parts together at one page. For a long time we use our own numbering of parts and accessories and equally are mentioned here. So our regular customers will easy find the way and we also hope that the detailed pictures of each item, added layouts or the supplement to catalogue with some parts taken on a real car ( PDF file ) will help to our new customers. Nevertheless we henceforth can send You our "paper  catalogue" of parts and accessories - FREE OF ANY CHARGE !

How to order parts and accessories


Write an e-mail to us, quote there quantity and catalogue numbers (according OUR catalogue) of parts required. Please don´t forget to note LEFT or RIGHT while order symetric parts (front-facing) !


We will send back an email confirming the availability and cost of parts and also costs of packaging and postage.


You will choose the type of packaging and postage and than You will pay the complete price to our bank account  ( the bank account number will be presented in our e-mail ). The complete price = parts price + packaging + postage.


At this moment we execute Your order.

Whats new in the catalogue !                        

       12. April 2013 - new parts for the KdF-82: weatherstrips (441, 442) and stops for pedals (443).

      11. April 2012 - added new gearbox gaiters (440 for KdF-82, 806 for KdF-166), floor for trunk of KdF-82 (452) and newly like original shaped gaiters for KdF-166 (parts Nr. 782 and 783).

       10. February 2012 - again new parts for the KdF-82 (437-rubber boot for the front shock-absorber, 438-accelerator cable-string, 439-generator pulley) and for the KdF-166 (801-rubber boot for the front shock-absorber, 802-clutch cable, 803-accelerator cable-string, 804-choke cable-string and 805-WATERPROOF headlight diameter 160mm) !

        9. July 2011 - for KdF-166 we have now clamp for rubber boot (800), for KdF-82 the new exhaust set (450) and rear headboard (451) of K1 type !

        8. October 2010 - we have put the fuel tanks (795,796), fuel tanks neck (797, 436 for KdF-88) and ruber for arms (798,799) to the KdF-166 catalogue!

        7. August 2010 - new parts: to the KdF-166 catalogue added ( 794 - window arresting claw)

        6. A new part added to KdF-82 catalogue( 435 - speedometer angle drive ).

        5. We have produced a small series of 3-spoke steering wheels for Kuebels, Schwimms, and Split-window Beetle. They are 100% identical to the originals, have the hard rubber covering, not car filler putty like some other steering wheel repairs or replicas. You can find it in KdF-82 catalogue as Nr.433.

        4. The ruber for arms - round or square, in KdF-82 catalogue as Nr.430 and Nr.431.

        3. The metal tank neck collar, in KdF-82 catalogue as Nr.432.

        2. The outside jery-can holder - front and rear, now as Nr.425-A and Nr.425-B in KdF-82 catalogue.

        1. The stencil "Vor Andrehen Schützklappen offnen", in KdF-82 catalogue as Nr.N 82-8.

 A roof covering     

    You will not find the roof covering in our catalogue. The reason is that we made them to measure for concrete frame only or we offer You that covering without "cardigan stitches" so You will finish the roof exactly for Your frame. It was a problem also by authentic cars that the roof covering didnˇt match to the frames. The covering is made of the 100% fairy flax with an antifungal protection that gives a light green tone to the covering. By virtue of the insolation and wheater condotions it changes quickly to the natural flax colour. On the basis of examinations and comparings with authentic roofs we suppose that they were made in the same way.

Catalogue KdF-82       Catalogue KdF-166


Supplement to catalogue - pictures