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KdF Osnice

    We are engaged in renewals, manufacturing of parts, accessories and all-steel replicas of old-timers. We are focused on types :

      KdF - 82 Kübelwagen                        KdF - 166 Schwimmwagen

    If You want to repair, renew or do an usual maintenance of Your KdF car - then contact us. We do renewals and repairs to suit Your requirements ( for example - when You want to keep the originality of Your car ). All the bodies and parts are made from steel like the originals! If You are looking for some parts or accessories to Your KdF - we offer a wide assortment in our catalogue. The way how to order is displayed there too. More then 75% of parts is our own production, we are not sellers only.  We do also consultancy and offer help in case of Your individual repairs. You may view our work when overhauling authentic KdF vehicles or replica manufacturing in the section workshop .

    We are two copartners and fans of KdF vehicles since the 70´s already, when we started to drive trips and competitions with Kübelwagens. Our private enthusiast interest has grown into the present professional care about these oldtimers. Here below You may see a few pictures of our motorcar "prehistory" ...

Ladislav Rojka

Befor a trip ...

Ivo Pospisil



Our products and services are aimed at collectors. We do not support, now are we a part of, any movement tending to limit human rights, or proclaiming hatred against a group of persons defined by reference to colour, race, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic origins !